Saturday, December 8, 2012

We've Moved!

Lacy, Thea, and I have all pretty much agreed on this. It's a big surprise that Lacy and I can get along enough to do it, but here we are. We got our own domain name and Thea set up a blog for us.

You can find us at:

This will serve as our Official Site. (Ha! I love saying that. It sounds so impressive, even if it's not!) You will be able to find all things Broomfield there, including the blog, some short stories (coming soon), and even completely new ones, just for the site.

More interesting surprises coming too, for those writer friends who might like a blog of their own. I've really gotten in to the whole "fictional blog" thing and I'm putting up a website for people who want to do that. More info on that, later.

One of the minor little problems I have with Blogspot is the rather annoying way it tracks visits to blogs. It can't differentiate between spam visits (very technical, and if anyone ever wants to know what I'm talking about, let me know) and real visitors. My hits were climbing WAY up, and I thought "Cool! More people are interested in my writing!" Well, that wasn't the case. I get about 200 hits a day from real people when I post something. Lately, I've suddenly been getting almost twice that in spam hits. But Blogspot doesn't know that, so I had to research it myself and find out that of the 600+ hits I was suddenly getting, 400 of them were crap. Really pissed me off.

To be honest, I'm a complete Internet nerd. Lacy wanted me to say that I'm an Internet Goddess, but let's be real: I'm only twice as good as I think I am, so I'm not there yet. I have my own server and I can set up websites with flair, so why not host my blog there? Why not host OTHER fictional blogs there? Sounds like fun!

So find us there and thanks for stopping by.

Teri, Lacy, and Thea

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  1. Hello, ladies, Sorry I haven't been reading and posting lately...personal crap, don'tcha know. But I will click on that new link and see what happens. I'm a world-class "internet searcher", but I suck at the blog count thing *sigh* and I don't understand blogs too well...I only know that I LOVE this one!